77: A sustainable approach to Event Swag & Gifting ft Linsay Moran (unWrapIt)

On the show with me today I have Linsay Moran, Co-Founder, Unwrapit another Canadian, aside from Mahoganey Jones,  that is trying to convince me that poutine is the best dish there is, and since I haven’t yet tried it, I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

Tune into this brand new episode to learn how a non-tech event professional founded a tech startup that is offering sustainable swag and gifting options for events that have the potential to do a whole lot for the environment, what those options are and how do they have the power to engage event attendees in unique ways.


Connect with Linsay on LinkedIn, or on her website: https://www.unwrapit.com/


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Video Episode

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