113: Demystifying broadcasting sports events, TD role, cloud tools, and fitness on the road ft Michael Lange

With me on the air today I have Michael Lange – a Technical Director, vMix Op, and Broadcast Solution Architect, the owner of Lange Productions, based in Madison, Wisconsin, helping production companies solve live stream challenges by utilizing cloud solutions, with an expertise in live Sports/Entertainment broadcasts.

Michael has been in the broadcast industry for over 13 years, working on commercial production, news production, live sports, and corporate events. He’s also currently providing ⁠cloud streaming facilities with AWS,⁠ which replaces a traditional remote broadcast truck.

As with many of the event production experts and event specialists you’ve met on previous episodes, I have met Michael on LinkedIn, and have been fan-ing his super helpful and relevant posts to the event productions and broadcasting industry. And while I don’t call myself a broadcaster by any stretch of the imagination, I feel like after hundreds of well-executed virtual events, traditional broadcasting basics have been incredibly helpful and necessary to make these events successful. 

Today we’re going to:

  • demystify the world of Live Sports Broadcasts,
  • how have Covid and the Cloud changed broadcasting events,
  • what does a Technical Director do in a Sports Broadcast, and
  • how does one stay fit and healthy while on the road?


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