Hey there!

I am your host, Anca Trifan, and I would like to introduce a new mini-series to you, which I’d like to call the RANT Series.

What is this all about?

The RANT Series is where I go off the caff and say it as it is, tackling anything and everything in the AV production, technology, and event industry at large that not a lot of people are willing to talk about.

The RANT series is short and spicy and comes out twice a month, in between the more “tamed” interview-based episodes you’re used to, during which entrepreneurs, event pros, influences, and event industry leaders share their personal & professional expertise with our audience. 

Hope you will tune in and join me!

Latest Episodes

Have a cool RANT idea? Hit me up

About Me

Hi, I’m Anca  (/ˈãnka/) and yes, I do spell my name with a ‘k’ sometimes. Don’t worry about it. I am the founder, creator, and CEO of Tree-Fan Events – a boutique event planning and production agency.

Besides wearing many hats and being a Swiss-army knife in the AV event production world, I also love to podcast, speak at events, empower other women in event tech + production world, I love fitness and body-building, adventuring with my family, having fun, laughing and just leaving life to the fullest.  

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