Hey there!

I am your host, Anca Trifan, and I would like to introduce a new mini-series to you, which I’d like to call the RANT Series.

What is this all about?

The RANT Series is where I go off the caff and say it as it is, tackling anything and everything in the AV production, technology, and event industry at large that not a lot of people are willing to talk about.

The RANT series is short and spicy and comes out twice a month, in between the more “tamed” interview-based episodes you’re used to, during which entrepreneurs, event pros, influences, and event industry leaders share their personal & professional expertise with our audience. 

Hope you will tune in and join me!

Latest Rants

RANT #09: Saving Your Bacon

Have you ever attended an event where the expectation was so high and you were left with this yucky aftertaste, because that was not what all that hype was made about, and what you experienced instead was a watered-down version of an event you had such high hopes for? Tune in to find out how to avoid these unsavory scenarios. More

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RANT #03: Must be aware of our choice of words

In this 3rd rant brought to you by Events: demystified Podcast, I am repeating myself, not because I’ve got nothing better to do, but because I just ran into a similar situation in which the AV supplier I was working with used the “AV guys” term several times during our conversation.More

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RANT #02: Flash-news: your crystal ball is broken

Today’s RANT is questioning the logic behind some of the event decisions made to go back to in-person full-steam ahead with what seemed to have been little considerations to how the attendees might feel about it, especially the ones who are not yet comfortable to join large gatherings, yet are left without an option because your event does not give them one.More

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RANT #01: Who the heck have I become?

The Rant Series is short and spicy, comes out twice a month, in between the more tamed interview-style episodes. Stay tuned as I shared, never shared before, spicy details from my ‘rockstar days’, all the way back to my radio Dj-ing days. I think you will find this episode quite entertaining. This podcast is brought to you by Tree-Fan Events, a woman-owned boutique event production agency  – and your host is Anca Trifan.More

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00: PROMO – Events: Demystified

 If you’re an event planner or working in any capacity in the event industry and have to deal with Audio Visual, Lighting, and Technology, this Podcast is for you! It will give you useful information and tips to add to your shiny ‘event toolbox’ so you’re never left confused and frustrated after meeting with an AV professional that sounded almost like gibberish the entire time! More

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About Me

Hi, I’m Anca  (/ˈãnka/) and yes, I do spell my name with a ‘k’ sometimes. Don’t worry about it. I am the founder, creator, and CEO of Tree-Fan Events – a boutique event planning and production agency.

Besides wearing many hats and being a Swiss-army knife in the AV event production world, I also love to podcast, speak at events, empower other women in event tech + production world, I love fitness and body-building, adventuring with my family, having fun, laughing and just leaving life to the fullest.  

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