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Captivating, Fresh, and Informative

In each episode Anca brings so much energy and I simply love it! Aside from the fact that the podcast is Captivating, Fresh, and Informative I really found myself walking away knowing that I can dive head first into my field and make it happen. I love how she is opening the door for other women in her field through her transparency.

I really enjoy the fact that her guests are relevant and diverse. I highly recommend you listen to this podcast whether your in the Planner & Event industry or not, there are so many valuable takeaways that can be applied to whatever field you are in.

Barbara Stevens, CMP

Fresh and Informative!!

Events Demystified brings a fresh and thorough perspective on how businesses, non-profits, and organizations can pivot quickly to meet the needs of growing audiences. Now that I’ve tuned into quite a few episodes I can tell you will be well informed and encouraged toward the latest trends in hybrid events, with live event coverage and theory. Finally a podcast for the event planner that doesn’t speak ‘tech’ yet still needs to be able to understand some of the technical terms events come with, especially when it comes to hiring production vendors or in-house AV providers! Thank you!

Canaan Hackler, Technical Director

Priceless Info!

I’ve been a vendor in events for over 20 years and Anca really walks you through each step of your planning process. If you plan to run an event, don’t do it without listening to this podcast. You’ll be able to avoid so many headaches and frustrations with the amazing info shared here. Fresh voice, clear flow of ideas, it really gets down to business and explains what you need to know about the tech side of the events. Great podcast, easy to listen to, add it to your weekly routine!!

David Crowder, DES

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SPECIAL: Demystifying Wellness at IMEX Frankfurt 2023

Get ready as we set out to “Demystify Wellness” at IMEX Frankfurt 2023. 💪🍃 We’re all about helping our #eventprofs community navigate through a massive conference like #imexfrankfurt in a healthier and happier way, because let’s face it – we all perform better when we’re feeling our best!