110: The Speaker-Poet-TEDx Alumni on a Mission to Educate, Engage & Empower ft Anthony DeMario

Today’s featured guest, Anthony DeMario – “BE YOU” – is something else, he is a Poet-Speaker, Trained Peak Performance Strategist & Learning Experience Architect via Tony Robbins, and Certified Brain Health Strategist with expertise in cultivating educational and engaging experiences, emotion, and storytelling.

During our conversation, straight-out-of-the-gate Ant sprints into one empowering aphorism after another, in an engaging conversation that will make your heart and head spin from all the things being said. He has worked with leading behavioral scientists to develop enriching learning experiences, is an experienced People & Culture Strategist with an insatiable hunger to stretch who he is and what he gives, and applies science and art to his exuberant, “lightening in a bottle” delivery style. 

Just to give you a ‘taste’ of what that “lighting in a bottle” is, in the first minutes he spits out so much goodness, you better take some notes:

  • The sea rips and roars and the surface, yet underneath it all there’s stillness
  • The path is not there, the path is made by walking it
  • Be original or die a copy “You were born an original, don’t die a copy” –  Einstein
  • Follow your curiosity, don’t labor the art, explore it
  • Language is the wardrobe of our experience 
  • Creativity is just taking things from the past, blending, breaking, and bending them into something novel 
  • We must use our passion to serve something bigger than us 
  • Chase the dreams that keep you feeling alive
  • Learn, live it, grow it, give it philosophy, yet we can only take ppl as far as they’re willing to grow
  • What we focus on, we get pulled towards, we tend to feel
  • Meaning shapes our experience, it’s a tool we all have 
  • See it as it is, see it brighter, see it through
  • “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” – J.K. Rowling 

Anthony was “built” in NY, and has a colorful background of experience & training which allows him to be versatile in his ways to educate, engage & empower people to take action. He is passionate, empathetic, and infectious, and will leave your people feeling energized to take massive action and gifts them strategies to follow through on.

During our conversation today, Anthony gives extensive advice to anyone new to Speaking & Storytelling, may that be a Speaker, Presenter, or Emcee. We talk about finding a purpose & missing and get into the nitty-gritty science of understanding the ingredients of emotion.


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