26: Event Technology Trends of 2021


Welcome to a new episode of “Events: demystified” brought to you by Tree-Fan Events, with your host, Anca. Now that 2020 is behind us, welcome to 2021! Hope you all had a great holiday season, wishing you all a happy and… a different kind of new year!

In the first episode of 2021, we will cover a few emerging trends this year, such a technology and production, what will make a great hybrid experience for events, what is a micro-event experience, how is tech being repurposed to serve the current needs in the event industry as it’s embarking for a hybrid event format and more… 

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Mentioned in this episode:

Virtual Fundraising Case Studies

Please contact us here to get a free copy of the strategy roadmap for transitioning from an in-person gala to a virtual event.


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