Women Behind the Scenes in Events and Event Productions

With great pleasure, I’d like to invite you to tune in to one of my fav seasons to date,


a season that it’s been a long time in the making only because for some reason finding women behind the scenes in event production has been quite the task, and even when they’re found, they can be hard to convince to come on air and talk authentically about their experiences, challenges, and journey into this male-dominated field.

I want to thank every single one of these brave souls that you’re going to hear from in the episodes listed below, each one of these ladies is a BADA$$ in her own right and I am super humbled to have had the honor of conversing with and interviewing them.

Our bada$$ WOWmen come from different sides of the industry and you will hear from a wide range of positions within the event industry, which I hope will shine a light on the opportunities available to women in this field. As I have been more vocal about it lately, the AV and event productions world is not an easy field to be in and flourish in as a woman, but it’s totally worth it, and rewarding in so many different ways. 

I hope you stay for a while and enjoy each one of the episodes.

These women deserve to have their stories heard, and I certainly hope that these stories might inspire someone else in the process.

And while the season might be over, there are plenty of more opportunities for more kicka$$ women to be featured on this podcast. I would love to continue this conversation with other women that have changed the status quo in their unique ways, in their own sphere of influence, may that be in the technology field, AV production field, broadcasting field, recording field, event and meeting industry, anyone that is leaving an impact and is paving a way for more women to find role models, mentors and opportunities for themselves in these fields.

Are you that bada$$ woman? If you are, don’t procrastinate, and hit me up.

Feel free and welcome to join our growing community on LinkedIn or WhatsApp.

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