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73: Creating change in a segregated event industry ft Jason Brown

Tune into this unique brand new episode in which we demystify show prep, changing trends in video production while also tackling the tough subject of diversity and inclusivity, the challenges and barriers many of us still face in event production, but also the opportunities for growth that as event planner and producers we have to increase representation and build a better community for our events, but also for our event production teams and labor crews.More

72: Keep Up so you’re not Kept Out ft Sarah Soliman

In light of the latest Rant released on May 1st – which has gotten a lot of attention and many direct messages from #womeninAV who have dealt with #toxicmasculinity once or twice in their life, I am so excited to release this episode and the topic discussed which embodies confidence and competence, a sure way to put toxicity down on its paws. More