46: Living and leading in live and business with passion ft Carey Smolensky (CSP Worldwide)


With me on the “Events: demystified” Podcast – sponsored by Tree-Fan Events, I have Carey Smolensky, a Husband, Father, “Papa C” to his grandson, Dynamic Businessman, Event Producer, Multi-Faceted Entertainer, Author, Recording Artist, and Entrepreneur. Carey believes that change and growth are the keys to innovation and he is constantly looking to evolve both personally and professionally to continually live his life with passion. Author of Living Life with Passion and Helping Others, Carey has turned his book into an annual experience; The Passion Summit, as the next logical step in sharing the ability to live life passionately while helping others, and during this episode, we’ll be talking about how you can live with passion personally and professionally especially in a current world of events.

In Carey’s own words: Believe in yourself and know that you have what it takes. Keep moving towards your goals and never look back. Keep persevering and look for the right opportunities in life because if you don’t, they will not find you.”

Download your free Blueprint for Finding Your Passion (chapter 3 of Carey’s book):https://www.thepassionsummit.com/blueprint


You can learn more about Carey here: https://www.careysmolensky.com

Also, on social @careysmolensky

The Passion Summit: https://www.ThePassionSummit.com/


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