24: 2020 Year in Review in Virtual Events: Soundbites_part 1


Welcome to our last episodes of 2020 of “Event AV and Lighting, demystified” brought to you by Tree-Fan Events and your host, Anca.

Happy “You’ve just made it through 2020” to you all!

In this episode we wanted to produce a soundbite compilation out of all of the other relevant episodes recorded this year because we had so many tips, insight, knowledge, and wisdom shared on the air, and so we wanted to highlight that in this part 1 of today’s episode.  

And if you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to all the previous episodes where each featured  guest today has their own prime-time, I encourage you to go back and listen. And while you’re there subscribe to the podcast! In this episode we will divulge some of the concerns lurking on the horizon at the beginning of the year and the steps the event professionals featured today have taken to pivot their events to virtual, we will be covering the challenges each one of them faced in the beginning and touch on audience engagement and interaction providing you with helpful tips you can implement today.

In this episode you will hear from:

Anna Marie Aldinger of IBL Events,

Lauren Dully Clark of Raise Agent, 

Brent Berg of Valiant Productions, 

Todd Campbell and Brian Lehmann of The AV Dept, 

Canaan Hackler of Hackler Productions, 

Fundraising Ambassador Johnna Wells, 

Benefit Auctioneer Patrick Siver of gEvents LLC, 

Event Platform Specialist and strategist Mark Woodworth, 

Event Planner & Producer Beth Sandefur, and

Tune in and cheers to all of you out there survivors and thrives, 2020 has got nothing on us!


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Thank you for sticking with me this year, for listening to this podcast, thank you to all of you amazing guests that joined me and enriched my experience with your knowledge and expertise.  Happy Holidays to all of you friends, close and far, old and new, and the lost one too!

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