22: Virtual Fundraising on Fire with Beth Sandefur Events


Welcome to a new episode of “Event AV and Lighting, demystified” brought to you by Tree-Fan Events, with your host, Anca. 

Today I have the pleasure of inviting with me on the air a special guest, Beth Sandefur of Beth Sandefur Events, a woman on fire in the fundraising virtual event arena, planning and producing several dozen virtual events so far, one more creative than the other.

Beth is a seasoned event planner with a strong background in development and hands-on experience in theatrical production, her efforts focusing on the planning and execution of fundraising galas, typically with a large auction component. It has been my pleasure to carry on a candid conversation with her about emerging practices & trends that we’re seeing and have seen so far coming out of the virtual events world with a focus on fundraising and gala virtual events.

In this episode, Beth is going to share her hard-learned tips and tricks and we’ll even cover a few ways to stay sane in the whirlwind of virtual event planning and producing.  So tune in and let’s dive right in!


You can find Beth here: https://www.bethsandefur.com/ and on Instagram @bethsandefur


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